if you do it, it is just an SMS and if we do it, it is the Customer Engagement Program Text Analytics

Online SMS from Innovative Info Solutions (IIS) is extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly. One can originate a Short Message from web, instead of a conventional mobile handset and the message can be submitted directly to the SMS Centre for further delivery on a desired handset.

The best part of using IIS’ Bulk Short Message Service (SMS) Gateway is that your SMS would have two-way communications. It means that your recipients would have an option of ‘reply’ or ‘revert’ option. . These replies, as well as the message delivery receipts are then pushed back to the customer for further optional workflow actions.

Using the Bulk SMS Gateway by IIS, you can share Text and/or Image whichever is the best option for promotion and branding of your Product. Furthermore, we can customize the application in such a way that you can know who all have read your SMS.

Bulk SMS
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