It is business with entertainment. Cinema/Theatre Advertising is one of the most effective new-age advertising option. While Cinema/Theatre Advertising has been in place for almost 30 years in history of cinema advertising in India, it is the recent last few years that it Cinema Advertising in India has become popular among the advertisers. Cinema/Theatre advertising is popular not only among large advertisers but small budgeted advertisers as well. The popular cinema chains in multiplex cinema advertising are PVR, Inox, Cinepolis and many more. Single screen theatre is also a great tool for advertising in India. Through advertising in cinema, brands can reach out to ‘media dark places’ where other media vehicles do not reach.

The popular Cinema Advertising media options are

  • Slide on the screens and
  • Videos Films on the screens.

Outdoor Display Hoardings – In-Your-Face impact. You just can’t Miss It.

A picture out in the sun often presents an opportunity to connect with large number of potential customers. Our outdoor advertising signs fit in perfectly at any trade shows, fairs, busy market places or partially outdoors.

Pop Up Tents – New-age promotional tool for one-to-one reach

Our popup tents will establish your booth & shade you from the Summer Suns so you can spend more time with your customers. We carry the widely known and widely embraced air dancers, a wide variety outdoor trade show displays & stands, that delight all ages.

Advertisements in Cinema / Theatre