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‘As you boost, so you reach’ is the new reality of the Market today.

All thanks to the invention of Internet, we are the generation, for the first time in the human history, which has got a click-away tool to reach the last person of the world, just like that, nippily. The tool is Digital Medium’.

Encouraging side of this revolution is that, now everything is accessible to everybody, unbiasedly, equally. But the adverse side of it is that, now we are at a juncture where the term ‘Professional’ is getting hazy, blur and indistinct. Today, every man jack thinks that he can manipulate and influence the market with the help of a key by uploading whatever he wishes. Now, everybody considers oneself a marketing Guru.

But the reality is far from this myth. For a product to be taken to the right target, at the right time, you need a professional and a thorough professional approach.

No matter how good is your product, your concept or your intention to serve the people, unless it reaches the people it should, in other terms, ‘The Right Target’, at the right time; it remains an unsuccessful endeavour and an unsuccessful story..

We, Innovative Info Solutions

is a team of professionals who are in the industry from six years. Innovative Info Solutions is into both online and offline marketing solutions namely; Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice, Miss Call, Face Book, You tube & data Base Services.


We, Innovative Info Solutions, are into both Online and Offline Marketing Solutions.

First of all, let us understand the difference between Online Marketing and Offline Marketing.

The fundamental difference between the Online Marketing and Offline Marketing is that, Online Marketing is the one that uses the Internet as a medium of Communication whereas Offline Marketing is the one that uses anything other than the Internet.

Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice, Miss Call, Facebook, will be treated as Bulk SMS Services; But where Radio Add, Movie Add, News paper add and Database Services will be called offline.....

Online services

Offline services